LeadFlip Zapier Integration

We are proud to announce that we have integrated with Zapier! It will allow you to connect your lead generation bots more than 500+ online services such as CRM’s, Email Marketing Services and Marketing Automation tools.

You can check all of the supported services from Zapier’s website. Continue reading to see how easy it is to connect your LeadFlip bot with Zapier.

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How to Connect LeadFlip to Facebook Messenger

After creating a chatbot with LeadFlip you can easily deploy it to your website and your Facebook Page. In this tutorial we will explain how to connect your bot to FB Page & Facebook Messenger. If you still didn’t create your bot you could follow our chatbot creation tutorial.

Connecting your bot to your Facebook page has 3 simple steps.
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Lead Generation With Chatbots

Lead Generation With Chatbots

There are several lead generation methods and tools available on the market. One of these methods is using a live human agent at your website to introduce your products to your visitors and answer their questions instantly like a sales person at your physical store.

People are more likely to buy a product if they could get answer to their questions in a short amount of time. This is both valid in online world and physical world.

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Chatbots 101 – What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is a software that you can interact with conversational methods such as messaging. You can talk, ask questions or give commands to chatbots and depending on the chatbot it replies via using some pre defined rules and AI.

What is a Chatbot

It could be a software living on a widget on your website, inside a messaging application like Facebook messenger, inside a mobile app or just work as a web service without a UI.