Chatbot Scenarios & Use Cases

FB Messenger BotChatbots, or conversational interfaces, can do almost anything in theory. They won’t completely replace apps or websites – at least not yet.  When used right, a chatbot is  great for PR, and they are most effective in several scenarios. We will take a look at which sectors can benefit most from a chatbot.


Finance & Insurance

Chatbot ConsultancyGathering data for insurance and finance companies can be really effective with Chatbots. Your 24/7 virtual sales assistant can collect all necessary information from your visitor and score the conversation and send a mail to your sales team. Then your sales team can contact with the right lead according to LeadFlip lead scoring system.

Human Resources

Chatbot HRCandidate pre-evaluation can be done effectively via chatbots. Get critial information about a candidate and decide on eligibility based on certain criteria. It does reduce low quality applications and helps your HR people to find right candidate.

Online Real Estate / Marketplace / E-Commerce

Chatbot Real EstateMultiple use cases appear in this sector. One of the effective ways of lead generating by chatbots could be done by placing chatbots on empty search result pages. Rather than bouncing off a user, quickly collect information on what they are looking for, and get their contact information to get back to them.

Another use case is for automating Customer Support & FAQ pages. Rather than wasting a live agent’s time, identify the problem with a few questions and enable users to help themselves. If needed, you can always pass the conversation to a live agent.  This will help reduce workload and make your customers happier.


Chatbot ConsultancyContact forms are broken. Rather than putting up standard fields, ask visitors several questions, and generate higher quality leads for your sales team.  If you are offering multiple services, gather service-specific information – just like we do on our homepage.

Use Cases

Contact, Order & Request Forms

Chatbot Contact FormInstead of classical contact forms, use chatbots that will lead visitors to give more and higher quality information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chatbot FaqIf you customer service is getting the same question over and over, just put a chatbot that is capable of guiding users to a simple solution. Let your team take care of complex tasks  instead.

Polls & Surveys

Chatbot QuestionnaireCompletion rate for loooong surveys are low. Instead of presenting visitors with tons of questions in a single page, converse with them trough your survey. You will get higher quality answers and your completion rates will rise.

Facebook Messenger Bot

FB Messenger BotIt is really easy to create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot with LeadFLip. You don’t need any other application or integrations – just design your chatbot story and deploy it to your business Facebook Page. Your chatbot will be answering all questions received by your Facebook page 7/24.

Landing Page Welcome Bot

Welcome ChatbotYou can embed a chatbot to your landing page very quickly. Introduce your product to your visitors, collect emails to generate leads or automatically create accounts. Just take a look at our bot in http://leadflip.ai .  With a chatbot we are able to collect information about technology preferences, previous service experience and customer demand for our tools.

Central & Hybrid Support Point

API Plug Hybrid ChatbotAPI Plug allows you to manage different communication channels from a single interface. Users can come from website, facebook, kik, telegram. All those conversations can be reviewed by live agents from a unified single interface. Your live agents can take over anytime if they so choose.

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