How to create an FAQ Chatbot with LeadFlip?

FAQ means “Frequently Asked Questions”. It is also known as Q&A – “Questions and Answers”. A well-designed FAQ page or section helps you to decrease support costs for your business. With the help of chatbots, you can make your FAQ pages more interactive and effective. Generally preparing an FAQ chatbot is not easy. But we have released a new tool for you to create your FAQ bots easily in minutes.

At LeadFlip we are using Machine Learning(ML) algorithms to analyze your previously loaded Questions & Answers. This is called ML training.  Then when your visitors ask a question your bot looks through these questions and tries to guess nearest one to give an answer for that. To give the right answer your bot needs to be trained well. So as much as you can provide different questions, your bot will perform better.

We have a self-learning system to improve the training of your bot but also we have an assisted learning module to get feedbacks from you. To start you will need to prepare your questions and answers. Let’s continue step by step;

  1. As a beginning, you need to prepare an Excel file containing one column of questions and one column of answers like below.
  2. For a better training of your ML engine, you need to provide at least 10 different questions for each answer.  Otherwise, your bot will not able to determine the right answer to the upcoming questions from your visitors. The more questions you provide the better your bot will perform. After preparing a set of questions & answers you can rephrase your questions. Your excel file should be in this format.
  3. After creating your excel file Login to your LeadFlip account and create a new project with using FAQ Template.
  4. After creating your FAQ Template Bot your Main Storyboard will be prepared like below. You can click to “Edit Storyboard” button to check.
  5. Now you need to upload/import your FAQ excel file. To do this you can click “Intent/FAQ Import” button on top of your storyboard or on your project dashboard. Then you will reach to upload screen like below. Select your Excel file and click “Proceed” button. If your Excel file contains a header row make sure you have checked “First row contains header information” checkbox, otherwise uncheck this.
  6. When the upload finishes you will reach to “Tag Columns” page. On this page, you need to select columns for Question and Answer. Make sure you have at least one question and one answer column selected. Then click to proceed button.
  7. When you click to Proceed button your excel file will be processed, your machine learning engine will be trained and necessary Intent & Action blocks will be automatically created on your storyboard. As it is containing lots of blocks it will be hard to edit it via Edit Storyboard screen. So you will be automatically redirected to “Quick Intent Edit” page like below.
    You can also access this page from your project dashboard by clicking “Intent Edit” button.
  8. If you didn’t add at least 10 questions for each answer you can use this screen to add new questions quickly. You will see questions in the left column. You can search and sort these questions in this column. When you click one of them, alternative questions will appear on the center column. You can add a new rephrased question to the last text input and click to save button to train your machine learning engine. Afterwards, you can test your bot using the preview widget in the right column. Make sure to click “Save” button after each change.
  9. That’s all now you can publish your FAQ bot to your website or Facebook page.

Advanced Tips

Manual Editing

Even though you create your FAQ bot by uploading an Excel file and editing via “Quick Intent Edit” screen your bot contains a storyboard and Intent & Action blocks inside this. For advanced operations, you can edit your storyboard and make modifications. When you click to “Edit Storyboard” after importing an FAQ excel file if you scroll to the right you will see your intent & action blocks like below.

All these blocks are automatically created by import FAQ screen so you don’t have to do it manually. But if you like you can edit messages and modify connections according to your scenario. You will find your alternative questions inside the purple “Detect Intent” blocks, and answers inside the blue “Send Message” blocks. If you like you can add your own new intent block and send message block underneath it and connect them to feedback block like others.

The more questions you have the more blocks will be displayed on this storyboard so it will become harder to edit from this screen if you have more than 30-40 questions rather than quick edit screen.

Important Note: Make sure you don’t change intent variables from answer and you don’t delete “wait response” block with feedback_answer variable.


Using Multiple Storyboards for Hybrid Lead Gen & FAQ bot

If you are want to combine Lead Generation bot with an FAQ bot then it will be better to use multiple storyboards to control your storyboards easily. To do this first create your lead generation scenario on your Main Storyboard. Then create a new storyboard and import your FAQ excel file to that new board.

Intent blocks are globally accessible blocks so they can be accessed from any board at any time in the conversation. So you don’t have to keep all intent blocks in the Main Storyboard. When a matching question asked, the conversation will automatically jump to that question answer.

As an addition, LeadFlip has a feature to let you go back to the last question that asked on lead gen flow after answering FAQ question. To enable this you need to uncheck checkboxes inside intent blocks on your FAQ storyboard like below.

Improve your ML engine training by tagging unanswered questions

After each FAQ question answering bot asks a feedback question about if the answer was helpful or not. According to the answers of these feedbacks system automatically trains itself.

As an addition to this you can help your bot by tagging unanswered questions to improve its training. If you have un answered questions on your project dashboard a new tag intent block will automatically appear as below.

You can either Skip this question or select one the previous answers or create a new intent by adding a new question & answer to your bot. Afterwards, make sure to click Save button. You can see the progress of your tagging on the top right corner.

Make sure to visit your project dashboard frequently according to your bots traffic to check if your assistance is needed for tagging. After a certain amount of time, your tagging need will be decreased and most of the questions will be handled by bot automatically.