How to Connect LeadFlip to Facebook Messenger

After creating a chatbot with LeadFlip you can easily deploy it to your website and your Facebook Page. In this tutorial we will explain how to connect your bot to FB Page & Facebook Messenger. If you still didn’t create your bot you could follow our chatbot creation tutorial.

Connecting your bot to your Facebook page has 3 simple steps.

  1. First login your LeadFlip account and open your project dashboard. On the right hand side you will see blue “FB Messenger” button under settings box.leadflip project settings
  2. After clicking FB Messenger button you will see a page with “Login with Facebook” button. Click that button to login with Facebook.
  3. If you are logging in first time it will ask your permission to access your Facebook pages. You should allow it to connect LeadFlip. Then you will see the list of Facebook Pages you have admin rights on them. If you don’t see any page, just make sure that your role is “Admin” on these pages.Click to blue “Deploy to this page” button next to your selected page.
    And it’s done. Your bot is deployed to your Facebook page.


  • I can’t see my Facebook page on that list
    When logging with Facebook you need to allow access to LeadFlip app. If you denied LeadFlip app one time than you need to go https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications and remove LeadFlip app. Then when you try to log in with Facebook on LeadFlip panel it will ask permissions again to you. After logging in with Facebook you will see the list of Facebook Pages you have admin rights on them. If you don’t see any page, just make sure that your role is “Admin” on these pages.
  • I have deployed but bot seems not working
    First check your storyboard and make sure that your blocks contains right content and connected to the other blocks. You can try your from your Demo Page on your project dashboard. If bot is working on demo page but not working on Facebook make sure that your page status on LeadFlip panel is “Deployed” and next to it you should see a red disconnect button. If still not working try to disconnect and connect again.
  • How to disconnect bot from your Facebook Page
    To disconnect and remove menu from your Facebook Page you need to disconnect your bot from Facebook & LeadFlip.Do not delete the project or connect another bot platform to your Facebook page before disconnecting from LeadFlip.

    To disconnect follow the steps above like connecting your bot and on the last step you will see red “Disconnect this page” button. Click on that button then your bot will successfully removed from your page and the menu item will be cleared on your page.
  • I want to disconnect but I don’t see a red disconnect button
    If you don’t see red disconnect button you need to re-connect page by following the steps above and then disconnect bot again.
  • I have disconnected bot but I still see “Powered by LeadFlip” item on my FB Page menu.If you successfully disconnected but still menu item appears this generally happens because of your Facebook cache. To clear your cache on FB you need to go https://www.facebook.com/messages and by clickking small gear icon near your conversation you will see a menu. Click “delete” on that menu to remove your personal conversation with your page. From now on your messenger cache will be cleared and you will not see menu item anymore.

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