Lead Generation With Chatbots

Lead Generation With Chatbots

There are several lead generation methods and tools available on the market. One of these methods is using a live human agent at your website to introduce your products to your visitors and answer their questions instantly like a sales person at your physical store.

People are more likely to buy a product if they could get answer to their questions in a short amount of time. This is both valid in online world and physical world.

According to Lead Response Management Survey responding in 5 minutes increases lead conversion rate 21x.

For websites live agents are really effective to respond instantly and start a communication between your visitor and business rather than using a classic feedback form.

Most visitors are expecting instant answers or routing when they reach to live chat. Because they know that using a classic form will take too long to get a response from that business. But they know that using a live chat will reduce that time and they will get instant answers to their questions.

But actually there is a big problem in here. If your business doesn’t have enough live agents working that time or at out of business hours they get a “Leave a message to us, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible message” and doesn’t want to leave contact details. And this makes visitor to look for an alternative website or product.

To solve this problem we belive that we could use chatbots. And not only solving this issue also it enables you to decrease cost of live human agents who replies same questions over and over.

So we are focusing on a hybrid solution with chatbots and live agents at LeadFlip. With LeadFlip you can create your lead generating chatbot in 10 minutes without coding. You just start with selecting a template which is optimised for your industry then edit a few necessary fields according to your business. That’s all to start using your chatbot. You can either put web widget to your website or directly publish to your Facebook Business Page and start getting leads from Facebook Messenger.

At any time your live agent can take over conversations from bot or it can hand over conversation to you at a predefined point in the conversation. And if you are not available for take over, bot can request all necessary contact details of visitor. Then it can send you an email or directly import lead into your CRM.

Also with our Lead Scoring algorithm you can only identify high quality leads and prioritize your responses.

You can look at different industry use cases from our blog post or start generating leads for your business right now for free.