LeadFlip.ai Chatbot Deployment Options

At LeadFlip.ai, we currently have 3 different types of deployment options:

  1. Embedded Web Widget
  2. Popup Web Widget
  3. Facebook Messenger Deployment (and FB Customer Plugin)

More deployment options such as Viber, Slack, Kik, Whatsapp, and SMS are coming soon!

Embedded Web Widget

“Embedded Web Widget” creates an always open chat area. It can be placed in the middle of the screen or a fixed point. Frequently it is used on landing pages, micro sites, fixed sidebars or native iOS/Android mobile applications with a web view. You can customize the header icon, header title, text and button colors, and chat bubble colors etc. via our panel easily. Follow this embed widget tutorial to learn more.

Popup Web Widget


This widget is our most popular option! It is very easy to add it to any website. The button is placed on the bottom right corner of your website that pops up a chat window. You can customize it to show only an icon, icon and text or only text.



When visitors click the button, a chat window pops up for the conversation. Additionally, when visitors use a mobile device, the chat window fills up the screen for a better user experience.


You can customize the popup icon, popup text, header icon, header title, text and button colors, and chat bubble colors etc. via our panel easily. Follow this popup widget tutorial to learn more.

Facebook Messenger Deployment

Many business utilize Facebook to connect with their customers. On the other hand, customers expect companies to be online and available on social media. Therefore LeadFlip.ai’s “Facebook Messenger” deployment is a great way to start a conversation with your customers.



It is very easy to connect the LeadFlip.ai chatbot to your Facebook page. You can follow this FB Messenger Tutorial to learn more.

Facebook Addons

Deploying your chatbot to Facebook lets you use a few more add-ons:

  • Facebook Messenger Code: Messenger Codes are special QR Code like images that you can scan with the Messenger app on your phone to quickly start a conversation. Businesses can place their Messenger Codes on print media or their flyers to reach their customers. Follow this tutorial to learn more.
  • Facebook Auto Comment Reply: This module allows you to automatically reply to people who comment on a published Facebook Page post. It is very easy to automate this for your all page posts with LeadFlip.ai and reach your visitors’ inbox. Follow this tutorial to learn more
  • Facebook Customer Chat Plugin: Facebook released a plugin to place a pop-up Facebook Messenger widget on the web pages. It is similar to our “Popup Web Widget” but only for Facebook users. You can follow this tutorial to learn more.
  • Facebook Messenger Ads: Facebook has a few different ad types. One of them is the “Messenger Ad Type”. These ads can be placed on Facebook and Instagram. They allow your visitors to reach your Facebook Messenger connected chatbot. All image and CTA button clicks open a conversation on browser or on the Messenger App if the user is on a mobile device. You can check this page for more information.

Let us know via [email protected] if you have any suggestions.