LeadFlip Facebook Auto Comment Reply Feature

We are releasing a new feature this week called Facebook Auto Comment Reply. It allows you to automatically reply to people who comment on a published Facebook Page post.

Continue reading to see how it works!

You can easily have this automation for your all page posts like below and reach out to your visitor’s inbox. Connect this with a LeadFlip bot, and you have a powerful funnel of leads.

Why you need this?

Actually, there are two big benefits of this feature.

  1. Creates engagement on your page posts and increase the social proof of your post and brand. You can use this feature on boosted posts too.
  2. Skip the “Get Started Button” for bots. On FB Messenger bots, if a visitor is going to send a message to your page(bot) they see a “Get Started” button on the screen. If they don’t click that button, they cannot interact with the bot. Using this auto comment reply feature, your bot can skip that button and directly send a message to the visitors inbox and engage.

Any other features of this module?

Yes! You can also select some keywords in the comments to set auto-reply on those comments. So you can create some contests or quizzes with post comments and according to the answers, you can send an auto reply to the only selected people, auto-matched by keywords defined before.

How to set up this feature?

It is really easy to setup, you will need only 2 things before starting.

  1. You have to publish a post from your Facebook Page. (It should be posted by page itself, not personal account)
  2. You should have a LeadFlip account(If not click here to create your free account) and you should create a bot before connecting your bot to your Facebook page. You could use our pre-designed templates to start quickly if you don’t have one.

When you are ready, we go on and start deploying your bot to your Facebook Page and set auto replies to your posts.

  1. First, log in to your LeadFlip account and open your project page. On the right-hand side, you will see “Settings” box and “Channels” tab inside. Click to FB Messenger Settings button.
  2. You will see a Facebook Login button like below. Login with your FB account which has Admin privileges for that Facebook Page.
  3. After successful login, you will see the list of Facebook Pages you have admin rights on them. If you don’t see any page, just make sure that your role is “Admin” on these pages.
  4. Click to the Deploy to this page button of the page you want to deploy your page. Then you will see a Disconnect button and Auto Replies button.
    Now you have connected your bot to your Facebook page successfully. You can try sending a message to your FB page from any account or Mobile Messenger app and see how your bot is working.
  5. Now let’s continue setting up Auto Replies to that page. Click on the yellow Auto Replies button. You will see a list of your page posts. You can add different auto-replies to multiple posts of your page if you like. For now, select one of them and click on blue “Add Auto Reply” button.
  6. In message textbox, enter your message that will be sent automatically by your bot to visitors inbox via FB Messenger. If you need a filter, you can add some keywords here to match with the content of the comment and only reply the comments that contain defined keywords. If keywords box is empty, your bot will automatically reply to all comments made to that post. Click Save button to continue.
  7. Congratulations! You have deployed your bot to your Facebook Page and created an auto comment reply routine. If you want to add more auto replies to the other posts on your page, you can do so.
    From now on, anyone sends a comment to your selected page post will receive an automated reply to their FB inbox in a minute.

Currently, Facebook allows on text messages via automated comment reply. You cannot send buttons or other rich elements. In order to start a conversation with your bot, your visitor should type and send something after this automated message like below.

What can you do after first auto-reply to your visitor?

Two possible options that you can do with LeadFlip:

  1. You can send a message like this in auto reply to your visitor:

    “Thanks for commenting on our post, if you can type ebook I can share our free guide with you.”

    And to catch that keyword you can set an intent block on your bot’s storyboard like below.

    Or you can jump into another storyboard and redirect the visitor to a totally different conversation flow by using “Change Storyboard” action block.

  2. The second option is you don’t have to use a specific keyword to start a conversation with your visitor. You can send a message like this in auto reply to your visitor:

    Thanks for commenting on our post, Would you like to learn more about our services? Just type anything to start talking with our bot.

    And as your visitor sends a message, your default conversation flow will start from your Main Storyboard.

If you want to try and see yourself how it works, you can reply with a comment to our post from this link or from below.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedbacks. You can always reach us from [email protected]