LeadFlip Messenger Code Feature

From this week LeadFlip now supports to create unique Facebook Messenger Code’s and unique FB Messenger short links to start a conversation from a different point.

Continue reading to see how it works!

Facebook Messenger has a great feature to connect real world and Messenger called Messenger Code. Messenger Code’s are special QR Code like images allows you to scan it with Messenger app on your phone and start a conversation directly with the FB Page.

All owners of Facebook pages can find their page’s Messenger Code using the page admin tool or in the Pages Manager app. These codes allow you to start a regular conversation from the default starting block of your bot.

With LeadFlip’s new feature you can create multiple & different Messenger Code’s and set different starting points for conversation.

Unique Messenger Code / Messenger Link Scenarios & Ideas

You can create multiple campaigns or messages and use these codes in different places to create a new engagement. Here are some useful ideas;

  • Create a bot for a tutorial of a physical device/object etc. Print out different Messenger codes and stick these labels into parts of this device/object. Anyone scans the code can read the instructions for that part.
  • Create an interactive tour of a place like a museum. Print out different Messenger codes and stick these labels on walls of the room. Anyone scans the code can read details/history or watch interactive videos related that room/place.
  • Create a scavenger hunt game with a chatbot. Print out different Messenger codes and stick these labels in different locations. Anyone scans the code can earn a piece of information or gift.
  • Create a bot for a brand. Then create different storyboards in this bot about different products of that brand. On billboards or magazines print different Messenger codes. Anyone scans the code can get more information about that product or signup to a newsletter list etc.
How to create a unique Messenger Code & Messenger Short Link with LeadFlip
  1. First, you need to create a bot project on LeadFlip and then go to the storyboard of your bot.
  2. Make sure that you have already connected your Facebook Page from FB Messenger settings page on your project.
  3. Starting points can only be generated from action blocks like “Send Message, Send QuickReply, Send Image Etc”. Click “Edit” button on the desired action block and you will see the Messenger REF button on the header of this modal window like below.
  4. When you click on “Messenger REF” button if your FB page is connected you will be redirected to Messenger Code page. On this page, you will see the preview of your conversation starting point on the left and a unique FB Messenger URL below. This unique link will work both on web & mobile devices to start a conversation from your selected action block.On the right-hand side, you will see your custom generated Messenger Code image. You can download this image and print to use on any physical place. Anyone scans this code from Messenger app on their phones, automatically conversation will start from the selected action block.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedbacks. You can always reach us from [email protected]