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Chatbots became prevalent quickly after Facebook and Google came out with their chatbot platforms. Currently, there are chatbots out there that can do anything from ordering coffee to helping you with your traffic tickets.

Customers love the chatbots because they can get what they want quickly and in a natural, conversational manner. It feels as if they are talking to a customer representative at a store. Businesses love chatbots because it helps them turn a casual visitor to an actionable lead. It is the online equivalent of bringing a window shopper inside the store.

LeadFlip.ai Chatbots

Leadflip.ai will help you understand your customer and provide you with the tools you need to meet their demands. We use machine learning to determine what the customer wants and help guide the conversation. Furthermore, we also use machine learning to help you craft the conversation and the flow that best helps your customer.

Once your chatbot starts having conversations with your customers, our unique “Lead Scoring” algorithm will help you identify high quality leads and prioritize your responses. As a result, we save you time and money by making the process more efficient.

Leadflip.ai supports Facebook chatbot platform with great features like “Facebook Auto Comment Reply”, “Messenger Code”, and “Facebook Customer Chat Plugin. These will give you the power to start and direct the conversation any way you like. You will quickly turn your Facebook into a lead generation powerhouse!

Don’t use Facebook? No problem! Our unique chatbots can live on your website as a web widget. If you need something more, you can use our Zapier integration to push your data to 750+ services. If you want to integrate LeadFlip.ai into your existing systems, you can use our web-hooks.

At any time your live agent can take over the conversation from your chatbot. Additionally, the chatbot can hand over the conversation to your live agent at any predefined point. If nobody is available, your chatbot can request your visitor’s contact details so that you can get back to them promptly. As a result, you will never lose another customer!

We have already helped businesses in insurance, finance, home services, online education, and HR with support for many more coming soon. You can learn about different industry use cases on our blog post: “Chatbot Scenarios & Use Cases”.

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